Keith & Dufftown Railway

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Enjoy an updated experience on the virtual Keith and Dufftown Railway. This version takes the route further than before with a new 6 mile extension, new scenarios and signalling creating a much more interesting route to drive and create scenarios for.

New in version 2.1:

Overhauled scenery between Craigellachie and Drummuir
> Complete replacement of signaling with a more realistic and appropriate system
> Updated scenery around Keith approach
> Improved Quick Drive, you can now start and finish at all major stations.
> Bug fixes including speed limits and removal of large shadow over the Keith area

New in version 2.0:

6 mile extension to Craigellachie – Involved removal of Dufftown locomotive shed.
> 5 all new standard scenarios, most involving payware.
> 1 new free roam for Craigellachie Station.
> Updated Quick Drive to take new Craigellachie Station into account.
> Updated signalling at Keith Junction and Straphmill Siding.
> Improved ambient audio.
> Many scenery improvements and fixes – more still planned.


  • UKTS Freeware Packs (all) Link
  • London – Brighton (Steam store – Link)
  • Isle of Wight (Steam store – Link)
  • RSC European assets pack Legacy (Steam store – Link)
  • [Optional DLC] Edinburgh – Glasgow Steam Store (Steam store – Link)
  • Chainlink Fence Kit (UKTS File ID 21632)
  • Signs (Pack 3) Lineside Operation Signs (UKTS File ID: 22888)
  • Concrete Cable Troughs (UKTS File ID: 21835)
  • Signs (Pack 2) Safety Signs (UKTS File ID: 22890)
  • SAD Assets pack. Comes with Altenburg-Wildau
  • [NEW] SBS Vegetation. Link
  • [NEW] LNWR Signals (UKTS File ID: 31866)

Watch before you download, route promotional:

Thank you, enjoy the drive!

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